If you have a question for us, you are welcome to call us at 802.557.5631 or email [email protected]

How far in advance should I book a show?
Our animal programs can be booked year-round. Anytime is a great time to hang out with reptiles! We suggest booking your show as early as possible to secure your first choice of a date and time. You are most likely to find open slots if you book your show at least a month in advance.

How much do your shows cost?
We have a variety of reptile presentations depending on the type of audience and location. All of our events are based off length in time and distance traveled from Colchester and the presentation package you choose.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept checks, cash and most major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express). All payments are to be made in full immediately following the show, unless otherwise arraigned. Please make checks out to 802 Reptiles

What can we do to make sure our party or event goes most smoothly?
We appreciate being reserved the closest parking spot to the entrance of the event space. This allows for easy unloading/loading of our animals and gear. If you have other pets in the house already, putting them in a separate room while 802 Reptiles is presenting helps the event go smoothly.

What is your snow policy?
During the school year, if the local schools have been cancelled we will cancel our show as well.  We will offer to reschedule or issue a 100% refund, whichever you prefer.

Can you present more than one program per event?
Yes. We recommend our audience size per program to be limited to 25 people. As these educational programs are designed to be an hour, this number allows for all that would like to have a chance holding an animal and having their picture taken.

Are you insured?
Yes, 802 Reptiles is full insured with general liability. We can add your venue (Park & Rec Dept., School, Summer Camp) as additionally insured on our COI upon request.

How do I book a show with you?
Call us at 802.557.5631 Email us at [email protected] Or use our online booking system.

How many animals do you usually bring?
We usually bring 1 lizard and 5 snakes of various species.

May we take pictures of the animals?
Yes, pictures may be taken at any time during the show.

How can we learn more about the animals in your collection?
You can visit “Our Reptile Family” page to see all of the 802 Reptiles family.

Do you bring any venomous animals?
No, all of our reptiles are friendly and non venomous.

May we do the event or party outdoors?
Yes, during warmer periods of the year (75 degrees and up) we can do a program outside. It will be necessary to provide us with a shaded area to help prevent the animals from overheating.

Where do you guys get your animals?
All of our reptiles are born into captivity. We get them from professional breeders, pet stores and at reptile expos.