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Birthday Parties

Create an amazing birthday party you and your child will not stop talking about!

Group Presentations

Interactive and unforgettable assemblies, classrooms, festivals, and summer programs!

Festivals and Fairs

One-of-a-kind parties, company picnics, team building, and management events!

Custom Events

Why have an average festival experience when you can have an 802 Reptiles Adventure?

The Ruby package is a half hour event and  includes the reptiles presentation, party favors for all the children in attendance as well as a framed personalized certificate of bravery for the Guest of Honor.

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Escalating the fun up one notch is what happens when you book with our next Jurassic party package option, the Sapphire. Along with the inclusions of the first package, you now throw on the addition of us bringing a polaroid camera for you to use during your party. There’s still something special about holding an actual picture in your hands. Make it even cooler by having your picture signed by “Kevin the snake man.”

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The Diamond package option is the biggest and the best of them all! We like to call it the “Rumble in the Jungle.” Not only do you get party favors, the certificate of bravery, polaroid rental, but we’ll also bring you a reptile pinata to keep the fun going, even after we and the animals have left!

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Kevin Clarkson


Providing Educational Programs and Events of All Kinds Through the Fascinating World of Reptiles.

Kevin Clarkson, founder, owner and operator of 802 Reptiles is an experienced reptile enthusiast with years researching, handling and presenting exotic animals. 

Kevin loves growing his own reptile collection while teaching responsible pet ownership.  He consistently seeks to further his knowledge through expo attendance, speaking with breeders and taking formal herpetology courses. 

Kevin’s  consistent advocacy and refined approach toward presentation creates a unique opportunity for any event planner, guest or audience member.

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All of our Animals are Friendly


All of our event animals are born in captivity and arrive to your celebration in their own special, secure travel containers. Captive bred reptiles tend to be more friendly and this practice allows us to leave natural habitats and wild populations undisturbed.